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can you sue for emotional distress in texas

Can You Sue For Emotional Distress in Texas in 2023?

Emotional stress can be tough on anyone. It can come from various situations, including abuse, robbery, or witnessing a tragedy. If you’re in Texas and considering legal action for emotional distress in , this article will help determine if you can pursue a lawsuit. Compensation won’t fully erase the effects, but it can provide some … Read More

Is Jaywalking Illegal In Texas

Is Jaywalking Illegal in Texas in 2023?

It’s helpful to know what is legal and illegal in which states. It is also helpful to know what penalties you may face. Jaywalking is illegal in most states and receives a minor penalty. Nevertheless, you should aim not to jaywalk in , and you probably won’t want to pay the price. This article will … Read More

which states are no fault states

Which States Are No-Fault States?

You may have come across the term no-fault when it comes to insurance, and this is just one of the many terms you need to know in order to understand the ins and outs of claims. The basic premise is that, when someone has a motor accident, they can make a claim regardless of who … Read More

what is a malpractice suit

What Is A Malpractice Suit

This article will explain what is a malpractice suite, steps of a medical malpractice suit, and the typical situations that lead to one. If you or someone you care for has been harmed by medical malpractice, it is important that you find a Texas lawyer who is experienced in cases of medical malpractice. Related Search: … Read More

what is lane splitting

What Is Lane Splitting?

There are so many laws that motorists need to abide by when on the road, many of which vary from state to state, which can cause some confusion. One of the many things that causes a lot of debate is lane splitting. Whether lane splitting is legal or illegal is often the subject of discussion … Read More

are tire plugs safe

Are Tire Plugs Safe?

In recent years, there is one area that has been garnering a huge amount of attention in the legal world, as a growing number of lawsuits and cases can attest to: tire plugs are a hot topic in the world of litigation, and this is an issue that continues to grow and develop. To date, … Read More

are jet skis dangerous

Are Jet Skis Dangerous?

Taking a ride on a jet ski is an exciting, adrenaline fuelled experience. If you can afford to facilitate having a jet ski, then it is perfect for anyone that lives by water or if you are on vacation by a beach or lake. However, just like with any vehicle, a jet ski can be … Read More

How Long is an 18 Wheeler

How Long Is an 18 Wheeler?

If you spend a lot of time on the road, you will see countless 18 wheelers every day. Also known by several names like big rigs, semi-trucks, semis, tractor-trailers, semi-trailers, or semi-trailer trucks, these are vehicles that are made by combining a powered truck and trailers. These large trucks are used all over the country … Read More

can a police officer change a police report

Can a Police Officer Change a Police Report?

A police report, often referred to a “crash report” in Texas, is a crucial document when it comes determining fault in an auto accident. Therefore, if you find errors in your report and are now wondering, “Can a police officer change a police report?“… The good news: It’s possible; however, not easy and NOT guaranteed. … Read More

Who Is Responsible for a Minor’s Medical Bills

Who Is Responsible for a Minor’s Medical Bills?

In the United States, medical bills have the power to plunge individuals and families into serious debt, even with the safety net of health insurance.  The unfortunate reality is that people often find themselves unable to pay their medical bills for years, resulting in visits from debt collectors on top of the stress of financial … Read More

how to file a class action lawsuit

How to File a Class Action Lawsuit?

A class-action lawsuit is defined as a legal action brought by one person, or a small group of people, on behalf of a larger group. This group has all suffered the same, or a very similar, injury, allegedly as a result of the defendant’s actions. The lawsuit is brought against the defendants because they are … Read More

how much can lawyers reduce medical bills

How Much Can Lawyers Reduce Medical Bills?

Finally, some good news. You don’t always have to pay the total amount of your medical bills if you’re the victim involved in a personal injury claim. “Say what?” Your personal injury attorney can often reduce your mounting medical bills after your injury verdict or settlement is final. Below, we’ve put together some information better … Read More

how long do foreclosures take in Texas

How Long Do Foreclosures Take in Texas in 2023?

A foreclosure is usually a very stressful process that comes at a very stressful time in life. That’s why it’s totally reasonable to want to know exactly how long the process will take in . We’ll answer that question in this article, along with a few other questions about foreclosures and the process around them. … Read More

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