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Your Injury Report

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Your FREE Injury Report Includes:

Estimated Value of Your Case

Crash Report Integrity Inspection

Texas Police Crash Report (CR-3)

Responsible Party Analysis

Evidence Preservation Audit

Mechanics of Injury Evaluation

Insurance Review

Medical Treatment Evaluation

Case Resolution Timeline

STEP #1: Let’s Estimate the Value of Your Case

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What’s in your personalized Injury Report and why you need it?

(The next 9 points will OPEN YOUR EYES to the claims process.)

1. Estimated Value of Your Case

In other words, how much is your personal injury case worth?


You want to know the estimated value of your case so you can determine if the insurance company is undervaluing your injury claim.

And if they are, what are your legal options to get what is entitled to you under Texas law.

Generally speaking, there’s a direct correlation between the value of a personal injury case and the extent of the injuries. So the injury’s extent will determine your case’s value.

At Trevino Injury Law, once we determine a baseline of all extensive injuries, we add aggravating factors that can add additional compensatory value to your case. An example would be intoxication, considered a flagrant abuse of the law.

On the other hand, some factors may reduce the value, such as contributory faults.

Next, you need to consider the case’s venue (i.e., location of the trial) and the history of verdict awards for similar injuries.

These factors (i.e., extent of injury and venue of trial) will give you a base value of your case.

But that’s not all…

You need to look at other factors to determine if that value will be reduced or potentially increased.

These factors include pre-existing conditions, the mechanism of injury, and low impact versus significant impact collisions.

Moreover, you need to consider the actions and the potential aggravating behavior of the defendant.

Was he/she drunk?

Was he/she high?

Is this the fifth time he/she has been in a DWI-related accident?

Things of this nature are going to increase the value of your case.

In short, since the circumstances of each case vary, so will the estimated value of your case. And although there is no magic formula to give you an exact number, an experienced attorney can give you an accurate estimate.

If you’re ready get an estimated value of your case and pursue serious compensation call (210) 873-8466 or schedule a call back with Trevino Injury Law today.

2. Police Crash Report

The Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Report (CR-3), commonly referred to as the “Crash Report,” is one of the most critical pieces of evidence if you are involved in an auto accident.


You need your CR-3 Crash Report to have an official record of your incident and make a personal injury claim with an insurance company.

The report is completed when a responding law enforcement officer investigates a motor vehicle collision where the crash results in injury, death, or more than $1,000 of apparent property damage.

The crash report summarizes the facts based on the officer’s initial observations and interviews with the involved parties. A Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Report typically contains the following information:

  • Date, time, and location of the accident.
  • Identifying information for those involved.
  • Each driver’s insurance provider and policy number.
  • Known injuries and extent of damage to the vehicle(s) involved.
  • Statements from those involved and witnesses.
  • Witness’s contact information (if applicable).
  • Road, weather, and lighting conditions at the scene of the accident.
  • A visual diagram of the accident.
  • Laws/codes violated.
  • The officer’s opinion as to cause and/or fault.

If you would like Trevino Injury Law to locate and obtain your Texas crash report (CR-3) for you, call (210) 873-8466 or schedule a call back today.

3. Crash Report Integrity Inspection

Officers fill out a crash report (CR-3) whenever they respond to a car crash.


To validate and ensure your crash report is accurate.

As noted above, crash reports contain vital information about the accident (i.e., a visual diagram of how the incident occurred), which also includes the officer’s opinion on the cause or fault of the accident.

And this opinion is a compelling piece of evidence, either siding with you or going against you.


The police officer’s opinion regarding which party is at fault for the accident will directly affect your case’s value — or if you have a case at all.

It could be a poorly drawn diagram to explain how the accident occurred that affects the value of your case.

Simply put, the crash report is a critical piece of evidence that will make or break your case.


(1) Insurance companies rely upon the crash report to determine the validity of the claims.

(2) Police officers are human beings and sometimes get their opinions or facts in the crash report wrong.

It’s true!

Here’s the good news.

Trevino Injury Law will do a comprehensive Crash Report Integrity Inspection (looking at additional and physical evidence) to ensure your crash report is accurate.

If you want Trevino Injury Law to perform a Crash Report Integrity Inspection for your particular injury case call (210) 873-8466 or schedule a call back today.

4. Responsible Party Analysis

We analyze the factual story of your accident to determine who was at fault.


Although unapparent, sometimes there is more than one party at fault.

For example, if you were involved in a car accident with a drunk driver, many assume (the driver) is the only party at fault.

However, under Texas Dram Shop Laws, the alcohol providers (i.e., the bar or restaurant) can also be held liable for damages caused by the intoxicated patron.

Another example of fault is when a (vehicle owner) loans out their car, and the driver of their car causes an accident. In this situation, the owner of the vehicle may also be held liable.

In other words, determining “fault” of a particular personal injury is not as apparent as one might think.

There are numerous situations where there are multiple potential defendants that only an experienced personal injury lawyer can see.

If you would like Trevino Injury Law to conduct a “Responsible Party Analysis” for your injury case call (210) 873-8466 or schedule a call back with our office today.

5. Evidence Preservation Audit

Trevino Injury Law will capture and preserve evidence so we can use it in litigation or trial.


There are numerous instances where evidence is altered or destroyed after a short period (i.e., video camera recordings or tire marks), so it’s essential to preserve evidence as soon as possible.

Preservation of evidence is vital for trial, but preserving it for litigation during the settlement analysis is just as important.

Imagine a camera from a convenience store recorded a driver speeding through a “red” light that caused a collision and injured you, and there were no other witnesses.

The person who hit you says they had a “green” light.

The convenience store only keeps the camera recordings for 15 days, and you request the video on day 30.

Unfortunately for you, there is no longer video evidence proving your side of the story.

So who’s right?

Because there is no longer proof (i.e., evidence), the insurance company is most likely only willing to pay 50% of the claim since each party blames the other.

If you want Trevino Injury Law to do a thorough Evidence Preservation Audit for your particular injury case, call (210) 873-8466 or schedule a call back today.

6. Mechanics of Injury Evaluation

Trevino Injury Law uses a biomechanical engineer to correlate the percentage of alleged injuries caused by the trauma of the accident.

This correlation is known as the “mechanism of injury.”


The mechanism of injury is a crucial part of an insurance company’s claims analysis.

There’s a box they have to check to state whether or not there is a mechanism of injury.

If there’s no mechanism of injury, the insurance company will devalue your case.

If you would like Trevino Injury Law to perform a Mechanics of Injury Evaluation for your particular case, call (210) 873-8466 or schedule a call back today.

7. Insurance Review

Trevino Injury Law will investigate the company or individuals that were responsible for causing the crash or injury and determine whether or not they have insurance and the potential exposure limits for the claim.


The amount of insurance will essentially determine the value of your case (or the amount you can recover) since, most of the time, we are only dealing with insurance money to pay out the claim.

In other words, the Insurance Review allows you to determine the compensation you could potentially get in your pocket based on the insurance policy of the “at fault” party.

It’s also critical to know what type of insurance policy (i.e., the limits of the policy) you’re dealing with early on to provide maximum compensation in the client’s pocket. 

For example, it would not make financial sense to spend $50,000 on medical treatment if there is only a $30,000 policy to recover (since you would be responsible for paying the $20,000 balance).

If you would like Trevino Injury Law to do an Insurance Review on your particular injury case, call (210) 873-8466 or schedule a call back today.

8. Medical Treatment Evaluation

Trevino Injury Law will look at the medical treatment you have already received, ensure you get the appropriate follow-up treatment, and help you understand the severity of your injuries.


You need to understand how your sustained injuries will affect you today, but more importantly, any potential long-term effects you may suffer in the future.

At Trevino Injury Law, we want to ensure you know your current physical and mental condition to get the appropriate follow-up treatment needed to heel.

Follow-up treatment could range from physical therapy to surgery and everything in between.

If you would like Trevino Injury Law to perform a Medical Treatment Evaluation for your particular personal injury case, call (210) 873-8466 or schedule a call back today.

9. Case Resolution Timeline

Based on your particular category of claim and specific injuries, Trevino Injury Law will give you an approximate timeline of when your case should settle.


You should know upfront every legal option you have to get compensated for the injuries you’ve sustained.

Moreover, you should know an approximate timeline of when your case should settle or go to trial from the start.

Only an experienced law firm can give you an accurate approximation and, more importantly, settle your case promptly.

(So choose wisely.)

Trevino Injury Law also gives 30-day case status updates to inform clients of their case status and timeline.

If you are ready to work with an experienced San Antonio personal injury firm that can settle your case on time, call (210) 873-8466 or schedule a call back today.

Trevino Injury Law Client

Mario Mendoza – $7.9 Million Dollar Jury Verdict


He convinced the jury to reward me an enormous award. I never would have imagined that amount of money.

($7.9 Million Jury Verdict)

– Mario Mendoza

Trevino Injury Law Client

Jackie Galindo – $1.25 Million Dollar Gross Settlement


The insurance company of the gentleman who hit me offered me less than $20,000 to settle my claim.

($1.25 Million Gross Settlement)

– Jackie Galindo

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