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2024: Who is liable if someone drowns in your swimming pool in Texas?

A pool owner or operator can be held responsible if someone drowns in their swimming pool as a result of their negligence. This can include things like failing to properly maintain or operate the pool, or not providing adequate supervision.

In 2024, the pool owner or operator can be held responsible for other accidents that occur around the pool area, including slip and trip and fall accidents. If your loved one was injured or drowned because of a pool-related accident, you may be able to seek compensation and should seek out an experienced San Antonio Texas premises liability lawyer.

Who is liable if someone drowns in your pool in Texas
Who Is Liable If Someone Drowns In Your Swimming Pool In Texas?

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Swimming Pool owners must provide safe conditions for swimmers

Pool owners have a responsibility to address potential hazards in and around the pool in order to prevent accidents and drowning. The National Safety Council provides recommendations for reducing the risk of drowning, including:

  • Keep an attentive eye on people while they’re in the pool.
  • You should ensure children and other at-risk individuals are kept away from parts of the pool where a vacuum is operating.
  • Have your emergency pack stocked with equipment & supplies that you’ll need during an emergency that’s easy to access.
  • Hiring our lifeguards for your event is a great way to establish a safe and fun environment that your guests can enjoy, even when there are plenty of people in the pool.
  • Ensuring that there is at least one CPR-trained individual present when appropriate.
  • To discourage people who have been consuming alcohol from swimming.
  • Keep your in-zone area safe and fun for all swimmers by discouraging swimmers from jumping on or wrestling with others in in-zone areas.
  • If you own or manage a pool, you must install a fence or other barrier around the pool or around the property that houses the pool to prevent people, especially children, from inadvertently falling in the water and possibly drowning.

Other parties potentially liable for a pool injury accident

While pool owners may be more commonly liable for injuries, other responsible parties may include: pool service providers; pool equipment suppliers; or even pool manufacturers.

As an example, if pool maintenance staff leave equipment in locations where pool users may trip and fall, they may be liable for negligence if they fail to maintain a safe environment.

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