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Most Common Workplace Accidents in San Antonio

On any given week, you will spend more hours at you place of employment than anywhere else. It is little wonder that the majority of accidents that cause us personal injuries comes from your place of employment.  You’re going to see a few of the most common accidents and how to watch out for them. Once an accident happens, you need to know how to handle them and what you can do to seek recovery.

Slip and Fall

When you are at the office, warehouse, or job site, there are usually dozens of people who are going about their business with little regard to other people who are doing the same. It is not intentional. It is human nature to zone out disturbances while you concentrate on your work. If you didn’t, you would be less effective.

In that zoning thought process, you forget that other people use the same aisles, floor space, and exits. Spilling liquids on the floor, or leaving an icy exit unmarked seems acceptable if you know about it and you are only thinking of yourself. People will sometimes leave the area exposed while they go for maintenance or supplies to clean it up. But, when someone who does not know about a spill or ice approaches the unmarked danger, they can slip and fall causing injury to themselves. Further, because you knew the spill or ice was there, you are responsible for their accident.


As you maneuver through your warehouse or job site while driving a forklift, power lift, or other equipment, you’ll discover blind spots. Most employers require an operator to sound the horn as they approach a corner or blind area, but sometimes accidents happen and the two drivers collide.

Falling Objects

In storages or warehouses, every inch of space matters. High shelves and platforms are constructed for these workplaces. Unfortunately, when an item is removed from a high area, or the platform is bumped by a forklift, the boxes that are on the upper levels will crash down. If you are standing under them, they can cause serious injury.

These accidents can happen at any place of employment. You may work at a supermarket, mall, or gardening center. The basic rules of storage and maneuvers are the same. The bottom line is, an accident can happen to you.

What To Do If You Are Injured

The first thing you must do is advise your employer or the owner/management of the business that you have been injured. If you are in pain, ask them to call 911. If they do not, use your phone to call them yourself. Seeking medical attention is always the priority.

The next thing you will need to do is speak with the owner/manager about filing a claim. In Texas, the employer will either have Texas Workman’s Compensation or have opted out of it. If they have workman’s compensation, they will advise you of what doctor to go to and how to file your claim. Workman’s compensation will pay for your medical expenses, but you are required to use their doctors. They will also pay part of your lost wages. Under Texas law, you cannot sue an employer if they have Workman’s Comp coverage.

If you are not an employee of the business or if you are confused about your situation, you should contact a workplace accident lawyer. A workplace accident lawyer will look at the facts and advise you if you have grounds for legal action.

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