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Victims get nothing from Texas’s $8.8 million settlement with pelvic mesh manufacturer

Despite having a multi-million dollar settlement in a pelvic mesh lawsuit, the victims of the botched surgeries will not be receiving any of the money. The funds are instead being used for legal fees and applications. The victims’ quality of life is drastically affected, and the suit settlement was over $100 million across multiple states. The fact they received no compensation for their pain and suffering surprised the victims. The mesh implant is still legal, and has a success rate of 70%.

Key Takeaways:

  • Pelvic mesh implants are used to support the urethra, and have a high success rate.
  • Despite still being legal, many severe painful incidents have occurred, and lawsuits were filed against the manufacturing company.
  • In a settlement over $100 million, victims in Texas will not be receiving any compensation, with the funds going to legal fees.

“Two years after Holcomb’s surgery, the state of Texas began investigating pelvic mesh because complaints of debilitating side effects and multi-million-dollar lawsuits were piling up.”

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