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Vaping Products Banned from Promotion on Instagram

Four e-cigarette companies having been banned from promoting their vape products on the social media website Instagram. The ASA found that people that don’t follow these companies, such as BAT could still see their posts via hashtags or the Explore option on their website. This could lead to minors seeing their product and seeing material that isn’t necessarily correct. There is specific type of media that tobacco companies can advertise with. Text messages, emails and pop-up ads are prohibited, just like search listings that are paid for.

Key Takeaways:

  • BAT used celebrities to promote their product and that was used against them because they were twisting factual information.
  • According to social media rules, specific types of media to promote e-cigarettes are prohibited such as text messages and pop up advertisements.
  • The ASA didn’t really make a ruling on products that only contain nicotine, so that may be something the tobacco companies start to promote more heavily.

“The ASA has banned four e-cigarette producers, including British American Tobacco (BAT), from promoting their vaping products on Instagram.”

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