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Texas Truck Accidents – Who Should Be Sued?

Each year, thousands in the United States are injured or killed in trucking accidents. Due to their weight and size, trucks that are involved in accidents may cause catastrophic injuries. In fact, one of every eight traffic deaths in the nation is the result of a trucking accident. As a truck crash lawyer in TX, … Read More

Establishing Liability In San Antonio Truck Accidents

Big commercial trucks move basic consumer items and essential products to every town and city in this nation. Those trucks keep the economy afloat, but they also pose significant dangers to the traveling public. In 2015, more than 3,800 people died in collisions with large trucks in the United States. Thousands sustained serious injuries. But … Read More

Can A Third Party Be Sued For A Truck Accident

As you travel the roads of the United States, You see large commercial trucks everywhere. You are so accustomed to seeing them, that you give them little thought. The main focus for most is getting around them instead of waiting for them to slowly pull up after a stop. As an experienced truck accident lawyer, … Read More

Why Do Truck Accidents Happen

The trucking industry is among the most important industries in the nation. Virtually everything you touch has been influenced in some way by the trucking industry. Everything from the food you eat to the cars you drive travel by truck. You need the trucking industry to continue to live the lives that you currently have … Read More

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