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Target customer files federal discrimination lawsuit after wrongly accused of stealing

Annie Banerjee is filing a federal lawsuit against a Texas Target for racial profiling and discrimination. Annie, who is Indian, was allegedly called “Hispanic” and had the police called on her. Annie had purchased a Dyson Vacuum, valued at $300, and brought the box home, only to find it was full of garbage, and no cleaner. Videotape provided by Target later revealed that it was man who had swapped the vacuum for the other items earlier and stolen it, not Annie.

Key Takeaways:

  • A Texas woman was falsely accused of stealing a vacuum from a Texas Target.
  • A man had actually stolen the vacuum cleaner, and swapped out the boxes. Video surveillance revealed this later.
  • The woman is filing a discrimination suit based on the poor treatment she received from Target.

“Banerjee said when she returned to Target , the store manager told her there was nothing they could do, called police and referred to her as a Hispanic woman who needed to be removed from the store because she was trespassing.”

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