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Digital Dollars: Amid the COVID-19 Crisis, Support for a U.S. Digital Currency Emerges

The coronavirus pandemic has affected many areas of daily life, leading to lawmakers proposing various solutions to help. One proposed solution recently has been the idea of “digital dollars,” which could address the need to give stimulus paychecks to citizens. The idea of digital dollars did not end up in the final bill, but it … Read More

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To Provide an N95 Mask or Not to…That is the Question Plaguing Some Employers (US)

With the current coronavirus pandemic, one question important to employers right now is if they should be providing all employees with an N95 mask to protect against the virus. OSHA has issued memorandums on this issue, with different guidelines for healthcare employers and others whose workers are exposed to hazardous particles. Guidelines include how to … Read More

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Tips for a Better Video Call

If you are looking to have a better video call for your job since you are currently working at home, there are a few important things to remember. Make sure that you check the lighting of the video, as well as your outfit so that you come across as a professional. Don’t sit too close … Read More

auto accident lawyer news

Hiring During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has affected many areas of life, including hiring for new jobs. Here are some commonly-asked questions about hiring during this time, with helpful answers. For example, you may be wondering if employers are legally allowed to take COVID-19 symptoms or your temperature into account while hiring. According to the law, employers can … Read More

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For Developers and Owners: How COVID-19 Is Affecting Construction Projects and Actions You Should Consider

Coronavirus is affecting every part of the world right now, including construction projects. Quarantine affects every part from travel to supply chains to the ability to work on the actual projects. Different states have different regulations, with some deeming construction essential and others only allowing construction on certain projects like roads or hospitals. If your … Read More

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Privacy Tip #227 – Sextortion Ransomware

According to Emsisoft, a digital security research firm malicious data attacks called ransomware have become more sophisticated and malicious lately. Rather than the standard demand of money for releasing data, websites, or information hackers are using ransomware to demand explicit photographs of victims. The new attack is called Ransomwared. The type of security breach is … Read More

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