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Safety Tips For New Motorcycle Riders

Riding a motorcycle is a fun way to get where you are going. Some people enjoyed riding when they were younger and return to the game as they near retirement age. Others just want to have fun and save gas while they cruise the open road. Regardless of where you stand between the two, you will need to operate in a safe manner. Here are a few tips from a San Antonio motorcycle accident lawyer.

Get Used To The Bike Before You Hit The Road

All motorcycles are unique. They feel different and when you are cruising down the highway at 65 miles per hour, you must have full control. Get used to the weight of the bike. Some cruising bikes (like a Honda Goldwing) can be very heavy and an average size man has to be able to hold that bike up. It is harder than it looks, so before you fill up your saddlebags and head for the great outdoors, ride it on short trips.

Wear The Right Protective Gear

There are many kinds of gear that are made specifically for the motorcyclist. You can wear any style you want, as long as you have protection. If you want to wear leather chaps, a leather vest, and a dude rag, that’s great. Just understand that the chaps protect the legs from highway burn, the vest protects the torso, and the dude rag is to keep your hair and sweat out of your eyes. You can wear good quality jeans, a jacket (leather is always a good choice), a helmet, and good quality boots and do the same thing. Invest in your gear, you will be glad you did.

Practice And Prepare

If you are new to cycling, head to a big parking lot. Practice turning, stopping suddenly, speeding up, and swerving. This is important because you will need to master these maneuvers. Turning a curve and finding a rock in your path, swerving to avoid a crash, or breaking suddenly when a driver did not see you are a reality for every motorcyclist. Before you do this, check out the tip below. Learn to practice correctly, because practicing to do something the wrong way is not helpful.

Take Some Classes

Learn defensive driving. People are killed every year because an automobile driver did not see them and drove into them. Check with the DMV for safety courses and even check with your local dealership. Often they will offer courses that teach new riders how to be safe.

No Lane Splitting

Lane splitting is when there is someone in a lane and you pull up next to them in the same lane. Just because you can fit there doesn’t mean you should be there. First, it is illegal and will land you a hefty fine. Second, have you ever seen a little old lady grip her steering wheel with panic on her face and her eyes as wide a saucers? Yes, you are freaking her out. While that may seem funny, it is less funny when she looks at you in shock and punches the gas and accidentally runs right over you. Stay in your lane.

There are plenty of other safety tips you will learn as you go along, but begin with these tips provided by a motorcycle accident attorney and ride safely. For more information, speak to a motorcycle accident lawyer today.

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