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Retailer Reminder: FTC Releases Guidance for Social Media Influencers

During the busiest retail season of the year, there is a possibility that Social Media influencers may be on the wrong side of the law. The FTC has issued a guideline detailing the legislative specifics of influencer endorsements and laws pertaining to them. There are specific procedures that must be followed when posting or listing a product or service. The FTC guidance details the appropriate steps to ensure influencer compliance. A comprehensive checklist and new videos help prevent influencers from any illegal endorsement action.

Key Takeaways:

  • The FTC has issued guidance for proper handling of sponsorship for social media influencers.
  • The document details which disclosures need made, and clarifies the use of terms and tone.
  • Influencers have specific laws and legislation they are required to use for endorsements, and the FTC can be used as a refresher.

“With the online shopping season in full swing, the FTC decided that online retailers might benefit from a reminder as to the dos and don’ts for social media influencers.”

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