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How To Report A Workplace Accident In San Antonio

If you’re at home and you hurt yourself, you know to go to doctor or an emergency room if needed. You more than likely also know which doctor and which hospital your insurance covers. But when you’re injured at work, you may not know what to do. Should you go to your doctor? Will the company reimburse you for it? Below, is a procedure you should follow.

Report The Accident

Immediately following the accident, you should report it to your supervisor or human resources department. You can do this verbally, but it is wise to follow up with an email so there will be no doubt that you reported it. You must report the accident within 30 days, but the sooner the better.

Medical Attention

Note: If you are seriously injured seek immediate medical attention. If you are in a situation where you cannot report it immediately, get to the nearest emergency room. The claim can be sorted out later.

When you tell your employer, manager, or HR person of the injury, they will arrange for you to get medical help. They may give you a workman’s comp insurance card and direct you to a minor medical facility. The card works just like your own insurance card. Present it to the clinic and they will process it. You will not be invoiced for any charges and there will be no co-pays.

Your employer will report the accident to the workman’s compensation provider. You will be contacted to arrange a doctor’s visit. Again, these bills will go to the insurance company and you will not pay. If you wish to see your private doctor, you may do so. However, that doctor bill is your responsibility.


You may be required to go through various tests, x-rays, and provide blood work. The workman’s compensation doctor will explain these things as they happen. You may need surgery, bed rest, or physical therapy. Your treatment will be handled for you, but in order to receive your benefits, you must comply.

If the doctor takes you off the job or puts you on a part-time schedule, your employer will have to make arrangements. While you are off work, workman’s comp will pay approximately ⅔ of your salary.

If you are a commission employee, they will come to an average salary by comparing your last 3 check records.

What If I Have Issues With The Doctor?

If you simply cannot communicate with the doctor you have been assigned to, usually, you can request another doctor at once. Rarely will they let you change doctors more than once.

Keep up with all of your prescriptions, special equipment you purchase (like crutches or a walker). Submit these for reimbursement. If you need additional help, ask them to provide it. If you feel like you are getting the runaround, contact your attorney for advice on how to get past it. Do not think you have to suffer in silence. These programs were made for employees to utilize.

For more information, speak to a workplace accident attorney today.

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