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Privacy Tip #219 – FBI Considers FaceApp a Counterintelligence Threat

The popular face-editing app, FaceApp, may not just be a fun app to create goofy faces. It may also be a risky app stealing your data. The FBI is concerned with the origins of the app. As a Russian-originated application, FaceApp’s terms of use and legal mechanisms are different from U.S. standards. The FBI considers any Russian app a potential threat because of the data it collects, and if the FBI deems it risky, so should you. It is probably smart to check FaceApp and be sure you are comfortable with all the information you are giving it.

Key Takeaways:

  • The FBI has categorized any app that originated in Russia, like FaceApp, as possible counterintelligence threats.
  • Downloading an app with origins in a foreign country that wants to gain information from Americans can put the entire country at risk.
  • Keep your phone safe by deleting unused apps and review the Terms of Use and Privacy of Policies for the ones you do use.

“For those of you who have downloaded the face editing app FaceApp, please note that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has classified FaceApp as a counterintelligence threat because of its Russian origins.”

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