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Museums in San Antonio

San Antonio, TX showcases the world of art unlike any other city in the nation. Throughout the years, different associations have held the reins. Current officials of the city and directors of art and history have worked hard to represent the history of the area correctly.

In recent years, more emphasis has been put on satisfying and educating the diverse community. Visitors to the museum are almost split down the middle. Records show an estimated 49% of the population who visits the museums in the area are of Mexican heritage and 42% are Caucasian.

While San Antonio does not have the largest collection of museums in a country, they have wonderful museums which draw visitors from all over the world annually.

Alamo Mission

Every visitor that comes to San Antonio expects to visit The Alamo Mission Museum. This famous battle sight is the heritage of every citizen in the area regardless of race. The Mission was built in 1718. The heroes that died there while fighting for American freedom include famous names like Travis, Crocker, Bowie, and Esparza. The Alamo Mission sits on 5-acres of land, and it brings to life the sacrifices our ancestors made for all Americans.

Witte Museum

This museum was established under the hand of the San Antonio Museum Association. Witte Museum was established in 1926. This museum highlights natural history and science, as well as art in the form of painting, sculptures and other avenues. There are displays of dinosaur bones, cave drawings, and wildlife common to the area. The museum accepts traveling displays, so they always have something new to offer.

The DoSeum, Children’s Museum

The DoSeum Children’s Museums is one of the largest Children’s Museums in the nation. The 3-story museum is designed to teach children through exhibits, interaction, and creative expression. There are 6 exhibit halls and 2 outdoor play areas. The entire family will enjoy this museum, though it is designed for children 10-years old and younger.

San Antonio Museum of Art

This is one of the oldest and most established museums in the area. It was chartered in 1925 under the San Antonio Museum Association. This association has been dissolved, but the collection of art continues to grow. The vast collections of art will rival any museum in the nation.

Exhibitions include art and displays from the following genres:

  • Pre-Columbian
  • Spanish Colonial
  • Latin American
  • Early American
  • European
  • Asian
  • Greek
  • Roman
  • Modern

The Holocaust Memorial Museum of San Antonio

This museum documents and memorializes the more than 6-million innocent people who were killed in the darkest times in history. The museum features photographs and artifacts that have been preserved to ensure that people never forget the struggle the victims endured during this period. These historical collections will bring to life the horrors of war and the innocent lives that it destroyed.

There are many more museums in San Antonio. Some are museums/restaurants. Some feature Western culture. Others are strictly for modern art.

You will have no trouble finding a museum to satisfy your need for learning and beauty. San Antonio is that and much more. When planning a trip to this city, be sure to allow a few afternoons to enjoy these wonderful and unique exhibits.

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