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Lyft’s good-guy image tainted by sexual assault lawsuits

Lyft was always viewed as the good guy when it comes to getting a ride, and far surpassed uber when it came to accusations of assaults. That is, until, woman started coming forward with stories about lyft drivers. Many of them have claimed that their problem was swept under the rug and were only offered a refund instead of something done to better the safety of others. Lyft themselves refused to comment but a spokesperson said they are concerned for the safety of others and several new safety features have been added recently.

Key Takeaways:

  • One of the dozens of women who reported Lyft for enabling sexual assaults, Caroline Miller, said that she was offered her money back, as if that was compensation.
  • Miller, one of nineteen joint filers against Lyft, said she was raped after celebrating her birthday.
  • The women argued that Lyft should have required in-car video recording and fingerprint-based background checks.

“hat changed when dozens of women filed lawsuits against Lyft in recent months, claiming that they were sexually assaulted by the company’s drivers. The women said Lyft did not do enough to keep them safe, and several said that when they reported the incidents, Lyft did little or nothing to make it right.”

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