Especially around Valentine’s Day, employers should review their policies about love in the workplace. For starters, these companies should follow the Labor Code, and tailor their policy from there for the needs of the company. Unfortunately for employers, broad conduct codes of no personal relationships in the workplace are hard to enforce, and sometimes detrimental to employee well-being. It’s always best to find a middle ground that will allow all parties to be satisfied. If further assistance is needed, employers should consider training seminars about workplace romance.

Key Takeaways:

  • In California, the courts have upheld the right of employers to prohibit certain kinds of intraoffice fraternization
  • The courts have ceded that certain types of workplace dating relationships could lead to security risks or morale issues.
  • California law also allows supervisors to bring consensual romantic relationships to the proper administration.

“Setting aside the substance of such policies, employers should endeavor to apply them uniformly and consistently, to avoid the appearance of giving preferential treatment to certain employees or relationships based on protected characteristics.”

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