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Home Health and Hospice: Top Trends for 2020

In 2020 there are specific trends to look out for with regards to home healthcare and hospice healthcare. First, Medicare has a new reimbursement model for home health and will cause investments to be made in both humans and machines to collect and deliver new data to help advance healthcare. It’s possible that home care has led to a decrease in hospital admissions which is more valuable for the customers. Finally, technology is going to continue to increase and it’s important that all medical and health care practitioners stay current with all the new technology that will be available.

Key Takeaways:

  • Medicare will continue to have a major advantage over other providers because of it’s consistency in plan.
  • Technology investments are becoming mandatory in order to these health care providers to survive in the marketplace.
  • Investments in humans and machines will be required in order to collect and deliver data needed for better care.

“As technology investments become mandatory to survive and flourish, the large tech firms with deep balance sheets will be the logical partners for health care providers to finance, digest, and utilize the vast treasure trove of data sitting with providers, but still needing a “home” to plug into the various value based models.”

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