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FDA’s New Enforcement Priority Guidance for E-Cigarettes Focuses on Flavored Cartridge-Based Devices as well as Companies and Products that FDA Views as Targeting Youth

The FDA is making it a priority to enforce reviews of specific types of tobacco products before they are released, such as cartridge-based ENDS products and any type of ENDS product that is targeted towards minors. If social media influencers are being paid to promote their product, the ENDS will determine that that specific product is targeted towards minors. The FDA is doing it’s best to lower the amount of youth that are using these types of products.

Key Takeaways:

  • The FDA is starting to make cartridge based ENDS products a higher priority.
  • Whether or not paid social media influencers are used to promote their product will determine if a ENDS product is targeted for minors.
  • The FDA has a broad enough scope to capture many different types of pod-systems.

“Based on these factors, given what FDA understands to be their comparatively lower youth usage rates, FDA’s lowest priority among other deemed products include relatively expensive, large hand-rolled cigars that do not have flavors (e.g., fruit, candy, or mint).”

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