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The Most Dangerous Consumer Products of 2021 In the US

The Most Dangerous Consumer Products Of 2021 In The US

Introduction With every year that passes, consumer products get taken off the market. Even when a product may comply with regulations and pass industry inspections, sometimes a situation happens that reveals the product to be more dangerous than first assumed. Those situations are typically injuries, poisonings, and in tragic cases, deaths. When this happens, and … Read More

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What Are The Risks Posed By Defective Products?

Each year in this state, defective and dangerous consumer items cause scores of injuries. These items include appliances, tools, electronics, vehicles and vehicle parts, and even children’s toys. If you’re injured by a dangerous or defective consumer item here in Texas, what is your legal recourse? Will you have to file a lawsuit? Can you … Read More

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Famous Defective Products

You might assume when you buy a product, that it will function the way it is advertised to. But, sometimes there is a defect in the product and that can cause someone to get hurt. In Texas, it doesn’t matter if you were negligent, if the product is defective and it injured you, the company … Read More

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What Is Loss of Consortium

As a personal injury lawyer, I know that when a person is seriously injured or killed because of the wrongful acts of others, nothing can stop the pain. There is no court in the world that can take away your suffering. No amount of justice will stop the rage you feel and in a moments … Read More

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