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Attractions To Visit In San Antonio

When you visit San Antonio, TX, you soon see how different it is from any other place, including other cities in Texas. The historical sites bring to life the battles and struggle that our ancestors lived through. The struggle to reach for the American dream while holding on to the heritage of the area.

Here are some of San Antonio’s top attractions. Get off the path of tourism and meet some of the people who actually live there. Learn from them about the San Antonio they know and love.

The Alamo Mission

The Alamo Mission is usually the first thing people speak of when they describe San Antonio. This Mission now serves as a museum which memorializes the 13-day siege between Texans and Mexican troops. This battle went down in history. There were 200 men in the mission, and they fought off over 1,000 (some say 1,600 and others say 6,000) Mexican troops. Eventually, the Mission was taken. But the battle brought to light the commitment and resolve that Texians held for freedom and independence.

Don’t forget to go to the famous burial site of the heroes of the Alamo. It is located in San Fernando Cathedral, which is a beautiful and historical site in its own right.

The Natural Bridge Caverns

Near San Antonio is the largest commercial cave system in Texas and the entire United States. This unique formation was discovered in 1960. The caverns formed in limestone maintain a 70-degree temperature year-round. The owners of the property developed ½ mile of the most spectacular beauty for the public.The caves feature natural bridges, an amphitheater, and natural formations.

While you are there, check out the Canopy Challenge. This is a specified area that requires you climbing up twisting paths, ladders, and for a rush, zip line passages. There is a Canopy Challenge for kids too.


This 250-acre theme park has been thrilling visitors and residents since 1988. The marine mammal park is the main attraction. The park features marine mammals including killer whales, sea lions, dolphins, and walruses. The park has an incredible oceanarium and rides for the family to enjoy. There are plenty of food vendors, shopping, and package deals are available.

San Antonio Zoo

The San Antonio Zoo is a major attraction for residents and visitors alike. Located in Brackenridge Park, this 35-acre zoo is home to more than 3,500 animals, representing 750 species.

There are many exhibits including underground passages that will let you see an underground view of hippos and crocodiles. This is a great place for fun and education.

San Antonio Riverwalk

A beautiful river flows right through the center of San Antonio. The river is below sea level, so the waters are always calm. Enjoy a walk along the stone pathways, beautiful bridges, and keep an eye out for any local wildlife. The River Walk is lined with restaurants for a wonderful and relaxing afternoon. Come back in the evening for a riverboat cruise.

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