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3 crashes, 3 deaths raise questions about Tesla’s Autopilot

There were three recent deaths in three different accidents with the Tesla autopilot vehicle. Auto pilot doesn’t mean that it becomes a self driving vehicle with no passengers in it. It means that the autopilot functions with a human being by its side to make sure that it runs appropriately. The safety advocates feel that people are leaning on the autopilot too much when it’s in operation and need to be shown exactly how to be safe in these sort of vehicles.

Key Takeaways:

  • The crashes that took place recently have all resulted in the deaths of people and passengers.
  • The cars autopilot is only meant to assist drivers. Even though they are to keep a safe distance from other cars, they are not to replace a human being.
  • Safety advocates wonder if the autopilot has caused drivers to rely too heavily on it instead of using their better judgement.

“Tesla has said repeatedly that its Autopilot system is designed only to assist drivers, who must still pay attention and be ready to intervene at all times.”

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