Coronavirus is affecting every part of the world right now, including construction projects. Quarantine affects every part from travel to supply chains to the ability to work on the actual projects. Different states have different regulations, with some deeming construction essential and others only allowing construction on certain projects like roads or hospitals. If your project is affected, here are some steps you should consider. You should make sure you know the regulations, and work with the owner to minimize impacts on the project.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many states have banned non-essential construction such as New York and New Jersey and some cities have halted all construction like Boston and Cambridge.
  • If you own or develop you should look to find the current restrictions on both a local and state level with regards to construction.
  • If possible, claim a time extension or a delay as obviously you will not be able to work on construction projects that are non-essential during this pandemic.

“Travel restrictions, social distancing and quarantines are increasingly disrupting supply chains”

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