The California Supreme Court has ruled in the case of Friekin vs. Apple; the court ruled that time Apple employees spent waiting at security checks is compensable. When employees are subject to exit bag searches, the process of waiting for and undergoing mandatory bag checks can be time consuming. The court ultimately found that, because the performance of undergoing the bag checks is compulsary, and employees who do not comply are duly disciplined, employees should be compensated for the time undergoing the mandatory bag check process.

Key Takeaways:

  • When deciding whether time used for required bag searches should be compensated to Apple employees the court took imto consideration that the searches were not optional for the employees.
  • Unfortunately for Apple, the court rejected the company’s plea to have the ruling apply only prospectively.
  • I’m declining Apple’s request, the court surmised that Apple had misconstrued California precedent.

“The California Supreme Court has held that the time spent by Apple employees waiting for and undergoing required exit bag searches is compensable under the California IWC Wage Orders.”

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