The number of data breaches in the healthcare industry is on the rise, they have gotten much higher since last year and they are just becoming more common all around. Medical information is among the most sensitive of information that could be hacked and people could use to maintain data and cause a lot of headache for everybody trying to protect that information, it can also be costly. Doctors are having to become even more vigilant by training their workers on how to be cautious of these breaches.

Key Takeaways:

  • According to security company Bitglass, health data breaches have increased over the past year.
  • Not only are more people being impacted by these security breaches, but it’s also costing more, approximately $429 per individual.
  • The Office of Civil Rights is working hard to crack down on these IT threats as these attacks have become more sophisticated over time.

“Unfortunately, these numbers are not surprising given last year’s large-scale breaches caused by hackers at various types of health care organizations, such as electronic medical records company Medical Informatics (affecting about 3.5 million people) and billing firm American Medical Collection Agency (affecting about 20 million people).”

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