Many people just download health apps and consent to giving away their information without even reading it. They’ll just give away their intimate details to these app developers without thinking twice. This information isn’t protected by HIPAA and isn’t shared. If the information could be shared with health care providers, perhaps it could lead to better health care. The biggest benefit of technology should be to the consumers but instead the technology isn’t being leveraged and the medical community continues to get left behind.

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s unlikely consumers consider how much personal health information goes to companies like, 23andme, which obtain access to entire genome profiles.
  • Health data willingly given to app developers does not fall under the same HIPPA strictures that hospital data does.
  • App purveyors are getting the drop in the medical community because consumers are seeking faster answers.

“Some people sleep with their phones on their pillows so they can monitor their sleep habits. Some people have apps, such as Bump, to determine when they are the most fertile and should do the thing that you still have to do to get pregnant. Some apps know when you are pregnant before your body even knows.”

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