You jump into your car to run some errands or go to the gym. Just you and your car on the open road, right? Wrong, if you have a car with the On Star System. Information is being collected as to where you drove and the route taken, where you parked your car, and if that doesn’t upset you, your phone calls made. Even worse, if you decide to sell your car, you could to forget to erase this information, leaving a clear picture of you to the new owner. Hope you pampered your car when she was in your care.

Key Takeaways:

  • Drivers should understand that if their car has internet connectivity it is by default capable of data collection.
  • A car with, for example, OnStar, will have numerous facts about the user stored in its database.
  • In certain cases, this data, germane or otherwise, is being sent right back to the manufacturer.

“Consumers should consider this type of data collection when selling their vehicles, using loaners or renting a car in which they decide to pair their phones and other devices.”

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