In the year 2020, many states across the United States are raising their minimum wage. The federal minimum wage however will stay the same as employees that aren’t tipped will make $7.25 an hour and tipped employees will make $2.13 an hour. In New York city, all employees will be making at least $15 an hour in 2020, and in Massachusetts, the minimum wage is increasing each year for the next 4 years. Colorado is even replacing their minimum wage laws with a new and updated one.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are a number of states that are increasing their minimum wage laws in the year 2020.
  • The federal minimum wage is staying the same and is $7.25 an hour for employees that don’t receive tips, and $2.13 for employees that do receive tips.
  • In New York city, all employers are being forced to pay their employees a minimum of $15 an hour.

“Where a state or locality has implemented a minimum wage rate that is higher than the federal rate, covered employers are required to pay the applicable state or local minimum wage rate.”

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