Think your text messages are only seen by you and whom you are texting with? Not necessarily. A database that stores millions of so-called private SMS text messages belonging to millions of American was left vulnerable for a long time. Usernames and passwords from such giants as Facebook and Google, as well as online medical services, were affected by the database breach. The incident occurred because the logs were left unencrypted and unsecured. The information in such breaches are often sold to spammers and marketers.

Key Takeaways:

  • A database containing hundreds of millions of SMS messages was left open online this past week.
  • Cybersecurity experts warned that millions of Americans had unsecured and un-encrypted messages exposed.
  • TrueDialog, the company behind the exposed data, did not comment when reached out to.

“The impact of this data leak can have a lasting impression for hundreds of millions of users.”

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